Rates & Payment


Stereo Mastering / Stem Mastering / Mixing / DJ Mix Mastering

Stereo Mastering 

Once your tracks are mixed down they will need some final adjustments before they are released this is the mastering process. Some of the processes used include equalisation, varied forms of dynamic range compression, stereo imaging, harmonic excitement, inspection of any audio faults in the file and our engineers precision ear to ensure the highest quality.

Single track stereo master (Vinyl)  – £20

Single track stereo master (Digital) – £20

If you require both vinyl and digital masters for a release an extra charge of £5 per digital master applies per track.

3 track EP Vinyl or Digital – £50

Further discounts on mastering for 4 or more tracks, please email for a quote.

We offer two free revision on all mastering work if needed.

Turnaround – 2/3 working days.

Stem Mastering

Stem mastering is an alternative to stereo mastering allowing the engineer more control over how the processes are applied, as the track is split up into multiple stems rather than just one stereo file. Stem mastering can be utilised if you don’t require a full mix but but may be struggling with a certain aspect of mix for example getting the bass to sit well in the track. The track will be exported in instrument groups usually Drums / Bass / Guitars / Synths/ Vocals etc. But this can be decided and we are happy to consult on the best way in which this can work for your project.

Stem master of up to 5 stems – £50 

Additional stems – £8 per stem

Turnaround – 2/3 working days.


Mixing a song is a skills that takes years of practice to perfect and consists of taking the recorded or programmed material and processing it in a pleasing way so the mix will translate on a range of systems and play back devices. You will need to send us the exported stems from your project, we also accept all major DAWS such as Logic X, Ableton and Protools.  We offer two mixing packages depending on the amount of stems you have in your project.

Up to 10 stems –  £60

Up to 24 stems – £75 

Additional stems over the 24 limit are charged at an additional £1.50 per stem

Turnaround – 3/5 working days.

Mixes included two free revisions with as many changes as needed in each revision. Additional revisions may be charged this is at the discretion of the engineer. 

Mixing and Mastering Package

To make things a little more cost effective we offer both mixing and mastering at a discounted rate.

Mixing and master package – £90 

Up to 24 tracks additional tracks charged at £1.50 per stem a stereo master master is provided. 

Turnaround – 4/5 working days.

Additional Charges 

Extra work requested is charged £15 per 30 minutes. You will be quoted and invoiced before the work is carried out. 

If you require a mixdown or a mastering project completed in a hurry please speak to the engineer and they may be able to squeeze you in dependant on the workload. There may be additional charges applied if there is no available space but we will always do our best to accommodate you.

Additional Mixes & Remix Parts

All additional mixes are charges at – £5 per track

These include:

Instrumental versions

Performance versions (backing vocals remain with lead vocals removed)

Digital master in addition to a master for vinyl

Remix parts exported from your mixdown – £15

DJ Mix Mastering 

When a DJ mix is recorded there will be differing levels in volume, this can be due to playback on different formats and the equipment that the mix is recoded on. We ensure that there is a constant level throughout the mix making sure that there is still dynamic range, which is essential. Mixes will then be brought up to a level where they will stand out against other mixes on streaming platforms without loosing quality.

£20 per mix up to 2 hrs.

Turnaround 2/3 working days.

Payment Methods 

All work carried out by our team will be invoiced prior to the service requested,  full payment must be made before all work is started.

Payment details will be included on the invoice supplied we accept payment via bank transfer and PayPal.